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Power for Industrial Operations from Waste

The energy requirements of industrial operations is an ongoing commercial liability that can be offset by using waste material from the operation itself. The conversion of waste material into a valuable resource not only assures environmental protection but also commercial viability.

Municipal Waste to Energy

The increase of municipal solid waste generated everyday is a problem for all of us and therefore, for Malaysia. To deal with this huge amount of municipal waste, a good solution is to use it to generate power, therefore not only reducing waste to landfill but also converting a problem into a resource.

An Emphasis on Quality

Quality products are built to be long-lasting and easy to maintain; a feature that reduces ongoing costs and the need to replace equipment. Organics manufactures and provides quality products that conform to all world standards. Our track record speaks for itself.

Operation and Maintenance

The technicians of Organics are motivated to ensure that project run-time is optimized and that downtime is minimized. Training and attention to details are critical in ensuring that not only is environmental protection assured but that the project achieves its commercial objectives.

Our Mission is Project Success

All of the people who work with Organics are working towards common aims: the development of the company philosophy of sustainable use of natural resources, the protection of the environment and client satisfaction. Each project is carefully assessed to ensure that the best solution for each case is implemented.

Organics are experts in providing services to convert waste into a resource.
Power generation from wastewater protects the environment and reduces operational costs.

Organics are leading developers IN

Engineering of Environmental protection

“The objective of Organics, put simply, is to act as a force for good. No matter how small the impact, the contribution will be the best that may be achieved in terms of the health of our planet.”

Organics produces quality products for use in contamination control, environmental engineering and renewable energy systems.  With over 300 installations successfully commissioned in 21 countries, Organics has a proven track record in the sector.

Building on this success, and looking for opportunities for continual improvement is an important aspect in the daily management of the business.

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